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Cedar River Logging Services

Log Harvesting

Veneer  -  Exotic Hardwoods  -  Fir  -  cedar  -  alder  -  maple  - hemlock  -  spruce  -  pine - pulp  -  poles

Cedar River Logging provides exceptional logging services to land owners across all of Washington State. Our team will work directly with the land owner to determine the best course of action in order to ensure the highest price paid for timber, including any specialty woods such as veneers, quilted maple etc. Our team of experienced leaders understand the importance of staying in close contact with the land owner during the harvesting process. This is essential to the project management aspect of logging and also ensures we keep you informed from start to finish. Cedar River Logging will help in every area of the logging process including permitting, logging, and trucking and specialty wood pricing. Contact Cedar River Logging today and experience the difference working with a professional team.

Timber Evaluation

Cedar River Logging will review your property in order to help determine the value of your timber. We use state of the art technology to help provide the most accurate estimates possible. We're happy to meet with the land owner at the site, and also provide a complementary consultation ahead of time to answer any questions and to schedule the best day and time for the evaluation.

Land Acquisition And Timber Purchasing

Cedar River Logging has been purchasing property for decades. If you have property or timber that you are interested in selling, contact us today so we can discuss in detail. We may be interested in purchasing your property and or timber.

  • Call Us

    Call us directly to discuss what your goals are. Do you wish to sell your property and or timber as is? Or are you interested in logging your property? We’re ready to discuss any requests and all options.

  • Property Evaluation

    Our dedicated team will evaluate your property and work with you, the land owner directly to formulate the best plan of action. This includes permitting, dates, landing spots, roadways and all other aspects of harvesting.

  • Time To Log

    Our team will log your property and keep you informed every step of the way from permitting, to harvesting to trucking.

You Can Count On Us

Cedar River Logging is committed to providing a very convenient service from a - z. Our team will work directly with you to understand your project goals. We pay close attention to every detail including the permitting, log pricing, trucking aspects and more to ensure every logging job not only gets completed, at the most benefit to the land owner.

When you choose to work with Cedar River Logging, we will pledge to provide you as the land owner thorough communication throughout the entire project. This is our promise to you. You can count on Cedar River Logging to deliver on time and keep you informed every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your project and to schedule a timber evaluation.